The Model

UBX is perfectly placed to continue to capitalise on the movement towards flexible work schedules, the increased demand for social connections, and the ever-growing excitement around boxing for fitness. This is the time to join the movement


Recession resilient

Reported by Morgan Stanley about the fitness industry in June 2020.

96 billion + growing

The global industry revenue as reported in the 2020 IHRSA Global report.

43% + Growing

Market share Boutique fitness has, growing much faster than traditional health clubs.

By joining a mature, experienced and proven Franchise model, you are benefiting from:

Collective learning

Support network

Large scale investment

Constant development

Skilled 'Head Office' team


We offer our members a cutting-edge omnichannel experience. Our proprietary technology empowers our members to get the most out of their workouts, whether that’s in our clubs (coaching screens + wearable tech) or at home (training apps).

1. Screens

Every round is supported through our Coaching Screens.

We gain real-time insights into what our members want and have an exciting smart-club roadmap to become the next generation of boutique fitness clubs.

In addition to our unparalleled member experience, we have also developed a custom-built business operations ecosystem. From finance to member retention, marketing, sales, and analysis, our technology is in place to make each day running your business more rewarding and more enjoyable.

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The phases of starting a UBX

Let’s walkthrough opening your very own franchise




The initial step in progressing with a Franchise is ensuring the finance is available to open. We will be able to provide you with an introduction to a finance provider who knows our franchise model intimately, which in turn facilitates the approval process.


A key to success is selecting the right location for you, your location and your business goals. We will work closely with you to source, review and approve a suitable location for your business.




For 12 weeks leading up to the opening of your business, we will work with you through a structured pre-sales campaign, designed to maximise the awareness of your club in your local community. The goal is to open in a cash flow positive position with a engaged and excited group of UBX’ers.}


Every premium experience requires a premium facility. Our process is to design the most appealing layout for your location, and then support you through the fit out process with our approved suppliers completing the fit out and supplying the equipment.


Club Operations

Member Experience

As a franchisee, you and your team will be provided with everything that is required to wow the member from the moment they step into your club. From the daily workouts delivered through the coaching screens, to the journey the member is taken through.

Member Growth

You will benefit from the collective brand awareness of the largest boxing brand in the southern hemisphere. This will be from a combination of head office national marketing, as well as the succinct and market tested marketing campaigns provided to you by UBX HQ.

Performance Management

As a Franchisee, you will have a dedicated Performance Manager who will support you through your business journey. With an in-depth business review completed with you every 3 months, you will always be focusing on the right elements of the business and staying on track to your business goals.

It doesn’t stop here

Once the club is open and operational, you will join a strong, collaborative and engaging network of successful franchisees. You will have opportunities to meet your peers through regular local training meet ups, regional workshops and a network-wide annual summit.


Open your UBX franchise today!

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